Dr Janet J. Hollins

Dr.Jannet is the founder and chief dentist of Best Brite Smile who specializes in dental surgery.


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We have a special endodontic sector that provides great treatment to our patients.


Our Orthodontics section is filled with well-experienced doctors and staff.


txtThe tooth alignment procedures that we provide are considered to one of the best in the country.


We have one of the best team of dentists who can provide the best periodontics treatments.

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We make it a point to provide the best quality services at affordable prices to our patients.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Witness the evident difference in your teeth after our teeth whitening procedures.
Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces

We have invisible braces of premium quality that no one can spot on your teeth.
Dental Implants

Dental Implants

We follow the latest procedures in dental implants that will cause no problems for the rest of your life.

Latest News

  • Bad breath

    Technically known as halitosis, encountering bad breath can be quite humiliating and lowers self-confidence levels. However, there may be many reasons for the formation of bad odor in the mouth such as the presence of bacteria on the tongue, dryness of the mouth, cavities and gum diseases. If the individual encounters bad breathe consistently regardless of frequent brushing, it can be sourced to a dental c...

  • Brush and floss

    Undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to eradicate odor-causing bacteria in the mouth is by brushing twice daily, followed by regular flossing as well. Flossing helps get rid of the loose food particles between the teeth which can cause the formation of odorous bacteria and lead to bad breath.

    Clean your tongue

    Often times not cleaning your tongue thoroughly can cause significant bad breath by serving as a prime breeding ground for odorous bacteria. Thus, do n...

  • In office bleaching

    As the name suggests, in office bleaching requires the patient to have his or her teeth whitened in the dentist's office. Although the method is quite expensive, it makes up for excellent results due to expert service and care provided by the dentist. Moreover, it is not time-consuming as such in office bleaching will require a maximum of an hour or so. Since the in-office bleaching m...


I Am Very Satisfied

we just had secondary glazing installed in our offices and guess what it has put a smile on all of our faces our work place is warmer and quiter due to the installation

Along with the functionality of it, our systems offer you a sympathetic way against the window; sight-lines that are fitting to appear as unobtrusive as you can in addition to out. This is the place where the pane of glass is fitted on the inside, typically within the pane. We supply cost-effective, cut-to-your dimensions or shape transparent as glass oil (that appears exactly like a glass counterpart however is approximately 10 x more powerful ) as well as magnetic strips to fasten your oil pane onto your current window.
These kinds of windows are efficiently all of the exact same in design and look, meaning that the house can get rid of a great deal of its own character and creativity. Reliability-We are a family run firm with a reputation based on quality work completed by committed and experienced fitters. If you’re currently receiving all set to perform a home improvement undertaking or know it isn’t a notion to comprehend the details that are right to be sure the undertaking has become carried out. You will find an assortment of items you can do skills that are minimum and economical. There are products available including sliding safety glazing, windows and glazing. We’re pleased to provide an wide assortment of Glazed Units constructed with a wood sub-frame out of aluminum.

This effectively stops any draughts, which makes your home feel warmer, cosier and a lot more agreeable in the wintertime. Glazing can allow you to attain your objective. If you obtain than replacing the windows draughts around your windows a much option would be to include glazing. Secondary glazing carries the vast majority the advantages as dual glazing (or even to the exact same amount) and can be a less costly alternative to replacing your windows completely. Verticle Sliding: Designed for paned windows’ glazing. Additionally, it costs significantly less than other gas alternatives.
The extra section of air between the panes of glass makes it tougher to get loud noises to get into your house: that may be an important element for people who live by a crowded road or area. In the event the area is constructed at a comfortable distance from the place that is noisy the procedure for insulation or noise cancelling gets simple.