Natural remedies for bad breath


Natural remedies for bad breath

Brush and floss

Undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to eradicate odor-causing bacteria in the mouth is by brushing twice daily, followed by regular flossing as well. Flossing helps get rid of the loose food particles between the teeth which can cause the formation of odorous bacteria and lead to bad breath.

Clean your tongue

Often times not cleaning your tongue thoroughly can cause significant bad breath by serving as a prime breeding ground for odorous bacteria. Thus, do not forget to clean your tongue after brushing by using a tongue scraper to scrape out the deposited food particles on the surface of the tongue.


A common cause of bad breath is the presence of dry mouth. Dryness in the mouth causes the bacteria to form odor as a result of less saliva production levels. However, hydrating the mouth with water can help increase saliva production levels and immediately redress bad breath.

Watch what you eat

Consuming food items rich in fructose and acidity can help enhance the presence of bacteria and odor production. Instead, replace such items with healthy food like apples and yogurt are beneficial since they improve saliva production and reduce bacteria formation in the mouth.

Use mouthwashes

The mouthwashes available in the supermarkets, unfortunately, do not redress halitosis, but rather mask the odor temporarily. However, you can formulate an impeccable alcohol-free homemade mouthwash using a glass of water, a teaspoon of baking soda and adding little drops of peppermint oil. The baking soda content eradicates the odor by adjusting the pH level in the mouth while the peppermint oil adds a refreshing sensation.

Eat fennel seeds

Tend to chew on a few fennel seeds time to time as these impeccable spices possess antiseptic properties which hinder bacterial formation in the mouth and remove odor.

Suck on a cinnamon stick

Spices have significant benefits in treating bad breath. Just sucking on a cinnamon stick can help alleviate halitosis due to its antiseptic properties along with essential oils that kill the presence of microbes within the mouth. Moreover, it leaves a fresh sense of smell in your mouth.

Bite into a clove

Cloves are rich in essential oils which possess antibacterial properties. Eugenol, which is light yellow colored oil, is released upon biting and chewing the clove. Although it may cause a mild burning sensation, it helps eradicate bacterial presence inside the mouth. Remember to chew on both sides, so an adequate amount of oil covers the whole of the mouth and lastly, spit it out.

Chew on a fruit rind

After washing the peel of an orange or lemon, tend to chew on these peels as they encourage saliva production in the mouth sourced from their concentrated levels of citric acid and which in turn remove odorous bacteria. Moreover, it leaves a sense of refreshing smell in the mouth.

Chew on green plants

Munching on green plants such as cilantro, parsley, basil, and mint can redress bad breath considering these green plants contain chlorophyll, an essential natural occurring component that removes bacterial presence in the mouth.

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