What is a smile design?

Smile Design combines a variety of dental services to help patients achieve the symmetrical, flattering smile of their dreams. A smile design is the process of planning cosmetic and orthodontic procedures that will create an Instagram-worthy smile. Cosmetic dentists base aesthetics on the patient's mouth and face. The process may include implants, crowns, veneers, whitening, lip lifts, and gum alterations.

There may also be some physical benefits to your smile, such as enamel fortified with veneers or crowns to cover sensitive areas. The midline refers to the vertical contact interface between two maxillary centrals. It must be perpendicular to the incisal plane and parallel to the midline of the face. Minor discrepancies between facial and dental midlines are acceptable and, in many cases, are not noticeable.

However, a sloping midline would be more obvious and therefore less acceptable. The maximum allowable discrepancy may be 2 mm, and sometimes a discrepancy greater than 2 mm is aesthetically acceptable as long as the dental midline is perpendicular to the interpupillary line. Various anatomical landmarks such as the midline of the nose, forehead, chin, nasolabial sulcus, and interpupillary plane can be used as guidelines for midline evaluation. These principles are used as a guide rather than a rigid mathematical formula.

Most authors recommend creating harmony and balance at a glance by proper adjustment and evaluation of provisional ones rather than any formula. The factors that guide the dimensions of individual teeth are as follows. Zenith points and their relationship with the midline. A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of a smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Your dentist and the Old Town Smiles team will perform a series of tests and examinations including digital x-rays, diagnostic photographs, oral cancer screenings, a caries check, and a bite evaluation. Ahmed will determine his candidacy for a smile makeover during an initial consultation at Old Town Smiles. Implants are also sometimes part of a Smile design and are considered the best way to replace missing teeth. Upper lip length, lip position, mobility and symmetryLips play an important role, as they create the boundaries of the smile and play an important role in the complete design of the smile.

Smile Design procedures can be performed in multiple appointments for patient convenience or can be combined into a longer and more comprehensive procedure. There are smile design dental clinics all over the country and the world that offer smile design services. Another frame of reference for the smile line suggests that the central ones should appear slightly longer or at least not shorter than the canines along the incisal plane. The position of the maxillary incisal edge is the most important determinant in the creation of the smile because once established, it serves as a reference point for deciding the correct proportion of teeth and gingival levels.

Setting the correct gingival levels for each individual tooth is the key to creating a harmonious smile. Patients looking for a larger scale smile makeover can get their work done on a second and third date for the sake of comfort. The junction between the anterior and posterior dental segments; therefore, only the mesial half of the canine is visible from the front view when the patient smiles;. A smile design should always include evaluation and analysis of facial and dental composition.

Patients also have the option of combining a hygiene cleaning or gum disease exam with their Smile Design treatment plan. .

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