What is the beginning of the smile?

The smile line is essentially the smile pattern. The patient is scored based on whether their smile line is right for their particular smile pattern. The teeth should reflect the smile pattern of the lips. In other words, the imaginary line created by the teeth must reflect the line of the mouth.

Smile width: pockets; Teeth towards the back of the mouth can always be seen with an attractive smile. In a narrow smile, the back teeth are usually in shade (this is called negative space), thus creating the appearance of black triangles at the corners of the mouth and the front teeth that stand out. The reverse smile line or the reverse smile line occurs when the central ones appear shorter than the canines along the incisal plane. The artistic component of dentistry, especially for cosmetic dentistry, can be applied and perfected by dentists who understand the rules, tools and strategies of smile design.

Therefore, the overall angulation of the midline is more critical than the general position of the midline to create an aesthetically pleasing smile. Research indicates that, in most circumstances, people with considerably smaller mouth runners (wider smiles) are thought to have the “best” or most attractive smiles. Mayoral Dentistry 6701 Sunset Drive Suite 205 South Miami, FL 33143866-674-7553Learn more Smile Gallery. In addition to the principles that govern the makeover of a person's smile, dentists deconstruct a person's smile into components to make it easier to analyze.

Creating an ideal smile may require orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, periodontal surgery, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and plastic surgery. Harmonizing an aesthetic smile requires a perfect integration of facial composition and dental composition. The correct tooth ratio is related to facial morphology and is essential for creating an aesthetically pleasing smile. Improving or correcting the shape, fullness and symmetry of your lips can make your smile appear fuller.

Facial AestheticsA basic overall smile assessment should start from an outside-in approach and, therefore, there has to be some assessment of the patient's overall facial characteristics, including facial proportions and evaluation of facial aesthetics in the vertical and horizontal planes. An aesthetically pleasing smile is an attractive quality that draws people to you, causing them to respond positively. The “ideal” smile should also take into account individual considerations, such as facial features, skin tone, hair color, and how the size, color and condition of teeth, as well as gum and lip tissue, fit with your overall physical appearance. When it comes to restorative dentistry involving meaningful dental treatment, including the smile of patients, it is essential to have the right documentation to achieve a proper diagnosis.

The oral runner should not be completely eliminated because a hint of negative space imparts to the smile a suggestion of depth.

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