Who owns dental smiles?

Smile Dental Services focuses on providing exceptional dental care, provided by a staff of knowledgeable and caring individuals. We consider our patients to be our most valuable assets and we treat them all with dignity, respect, kindness and compassion. Made Ya Smile Dental is a trusted and established source of general and cosmetic dentistry for children, adolescents and adults throughout the greater Houston, TX area. Smiles is actively seeking office affiliations with offices that have at least six or eight operations in Washington and Oregon.

All Smiles clinics will continue to accept Medicaid patients who require only general or pediatric dental treatment. About Smiles Services LLCsMiles Services LLC is the leading dental services organization in the Pacific Northwest, which manages eighteen locations in Washington and Oregon under the Smiles Dental and Optima Dental Spa brands. In March, All Smiles signed a “corporate integrity agreement” with state and federal regulators, promising to improve their billing practices and better empower their employees. All Smiles Dental Centers, a Dallas-based company, will close its 13 orthodontic offices after an audit of those operations by the state's Medicaid program last fall.

When you visit Smiles Dental, you can expect to receive all the dental services you need and deserve in a comfortable, relaxing environment. On one occasion, the amount of money that All Smiles billed Medicaid for braces was equal to the amount that the state of Illinois spent on braces on Medicaid.

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