Why smile design?

A smile designer revitalizes your smile in a more lasting way than Botox or other temporary measures. A smile design is a major investment overall in your overall appearance. Age diminishes our smile due to wear and tear, peeling and discoloration. Smile design combines a variety of dental services to help patients achieve the symmetrical and flattering smile of their dreams.

A smile design is the process of planning cosmetic and orthodontic procedures that will create an Instagram-worthy smile. Cosmetic dentists base aesthetics on the patient's mouth and face. The process may include implants, crowns, veneers, whitening, lip lifts, and gum alterations. There may also be some physical benefits to your smile, such as enamel fortified with veneers or crowns to cover sensitive areas.

The position of the incisal edge and the shape, size, alignment and angulation of the teeth were tested and tested with the trial smile and the provisional ones. Harmonizing an aesthetic smile requires a perfect integration of facial composition and dental composition. With DSD you can design better smiles, plan treatment more effectively as a team, create perceived value and increase case acceptance, perform better treatments more efficiently. But in our clinical practice, unless there is an obvious discrepancy on the face, we restrict the makeover of our smile to dental composition only.

It is very important that when planning treatment for cases of aesthetics, smile design cannot be isolated from a comprehensive approach to patient care. Apical-coronal position The apical-coronal position of the teeth relative to the adjacent teeth, as well as the full smile, the smile at rest is essential to create an aesthetically pleasing smile. A smile design dentist must consider facial symmetry, alignment and proportions to design a smile and works with a team of specialists. Length of the upper lip, position of the lips, mobility and symmetryLips play an important role, as they create the boundaries of the smile and play an important role in the complete design of the smile.

You are absolutely right, Smile is a meaningful impression of oneself along with communicating a variety of feelings to everyone around us and is special to each distinctive individual. Creating an ideal smile may require orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, periodontal surgery, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and plastic surgery. Smile design technology has come a long way, and today, dentists use digital smile designs to achieve more accurate results with their patients. Regardless of your situation, smile design is a procedure that can completely restore your dental health and appearance, regardless of the original state of your teeth.

Setting the correct gingival levels for each individual tooth is the key in creating a harmonious smile. Smile Design prices will depend on the procedures patients choose to incorporate into their treatment. Let's take a closer look at the specific facial and dental features your dentist will use to design your new smile.

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